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LPI Learning’s Study in the USA – Advising Overview

For over 30 years, our team of academic advisors has been assisting students and their families to select the right high school or university to attend. Our goal is to help students identify a high school or college/university that will meet their academic and personal needs where they will excel. Our team of advisors has established relationships with institutions across the USA.

LPI Learning matches an advisor with domestic and international students and their families who seek assistance with high school, undergraduate or graduate admission to high schools, colleges and universities in the US. Our admission advisors advise in-person via Skype, on-line or by phone. LPI provides superior service to students and families while guiding them through the admission application process.

Advising Process:

Selecting which institution will best meet a students goals, needs, and abilities has become a highly complex, costly, and often stressful process. Choosing the right path when selecting academic courses, entrance exams, extracurricular activities, summer programs, and writing the application essay all have an impact on acceptances. Recognizing what skills, talents and differentiating factors a student has will give them that edge when compared to their peers.

Our advising team will help you minimize your stress while finding the best-fit school.

LPI Learning assigns an appropriate admission advisor to each student/family. The advisor works with each student/family on an individual basis. Once matched, the advisor connects with the student/family within 48 hours. Families and the LPI university advisor establish a working relationship from the initial consultation and form a time-line for success.

Benefits of having an Admissions Advisor:
  • Identify which path to take for your academic career
  • Target institutions which match your academic and personal goals
  • Minimize stress
  • Form a network with academic advisors and admissions counselors
LPI Learning Responsibilities Include:
  • Timely and wise assistance in the process of considering appropriate places to apply to and attend
  • Assist in creating a list of six to eight “first choice” institutions based on his/her key criteria
  • Review of academic record to-date
  • Advice on making successful campus visits and preparing for interviews
  • Individualized counseling via phone, e-mail, and face-to-face (Skype or in person) throughout the entire admission process
  • Guidance regarding costs and financial aid
  • Professional review of student essays, portfolios, etc.
  • Assistance in achieving your goals and help students make confident choices
Parent and Student Responsibilities Include:
  • Provide transcript and standardized test results
  • Maintain communication with LPI Learning
  • Provide essays, application materials, or other information in accordance with LPI Learning deadlines
  • Complete applications and send test scores to institutions and other required documents (transcripts, etc.)
  • Secure academic and personal recommendations
  • Monitor status of applications and notify institutions of enrollment intentions
Cost and Payments
  1. Initial Consultation Service – $200* per hour
    LPI Learning (LPI) is available for hourly consultation services to provide information and advice about the college search.
  2. High School Advising Service – $2,000**
  3. Undergraduate Advising Service – $2,000**
  4. Graduate Student Advising Service – $1,500**

*Initial Consultation Service fee is waived for all LPI Learning Program Participants

**Credit given for initial hour consultation.