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Are you currently enrolled in or about to enter an American High School or University and are in need of a host family? LPI Learning finds and screens host families for exchange students who are currently enrolled or already accepted in an American High School or University.

LPI Learning provides students with placement and support services as well as admissions advising based on the student’s personal and academic goals and interests.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience and has found more than 100,000 Host Families for international students!

Are you seeking admissions into an American college or university? Check out our Admissions Advising today! Our team of Admissions Advisors will help you select the best schools for you based on your academic and personal goals. Our Advisors have over 30 years of college admissions expertise and will help set you apart from other applicants.

Why Choose LPI Learning?

With over 120 years of combined professional experience in International Education, our team has worked in all aspects of global student mobility from international student programs in the US, outbound students programming and more.

Why choose LPI Learning for your homestay needs?

  • We have Hundreds of Host Families available now throughout the US
  • We place students quickly throughout the academic year
  • All of our Host Families are carefully screened and undergo background checks
  • We provide Local Support to both students and Host Families through our Local Representative Network and 24x7x365 Emergency Support
What’s Included with our Host Family Only Program
  • Host Family Placement
  • Host Family Accommodation including meals and housing
  • Airport Meet and Greet when you arrive in the US
  • Student and Host Family Orientation upon your arrival
  • Monthly Check-ins and Reports from your Local Representative
  • Replacement Host Family if needed