Study in the USA – High School


Studying in the USA promotes intercultural learning in the classroom and in the community. New cultural perspectives impact how students and citizens feel about diversity. An infusion of language and culture contributes to the richness of personal relationships and influence opinions. Whether it is a secondary school, a college or university setting in the USA, LPI Learning believes experiential learning is a life changing event for students of a global world.

The USA High School Experience

The USA high school experience is one that lasts a lifetime. LPI Learning provides international students placement in public or private schools across the USA on an F-1 Visa. Our richly rewarding experience offers students superior academic quality, a high quality homestay and local support in an affordable program. At LPI Learning we strive to create a unique experience for students, host schools, host families and community representatives. Our goal is to develop lasting partnerships with and between our participants that result in lifelong friendships and future educational opportunities. We welcome you to learn how to participate by selecting your area of interest below and seeing how we make our programs memorable!