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  • Experience a new culture and customs
  • Receive a $300 monthly stipend for hosting
  • Change the life of a student by allowing them to experience America
  • Ministry Opportunities
  • Become friends for life!

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Funded by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, the prestigious Year of Exchange in America for Russians (YEAR) program brings a select group of remarkable scholars to the USA.

The scholars are aged 18-20 and will engage in a year of study at American colleges and will live with American host families to enjoy the benefits of cultural immersion.

The YEAR program is administered by the American Councils for International Education and works in partnership with LPI Learning.

About YEAR Students

YEAR students are eager to learn about American society while sharing their customs, culture, and beliefs with their new American families.

YEAR students are selected on the basis of their outstanding academic abilities, flexibility, leadership skills, and commitment to cultural exchange. They undergo a rigorous selection process that includes essay writing, interviews, and language testing.

They are enrolled as full-time students at U.S. host institutions and complete coursework that includes at least one American studies subject each semester. Students also perform at least 20 hours of community service and conduct three informational interviews in their proposed field of study during their year in the U.S.

Benefits of Hosting

  • Understand a new culture as never before
    • Gain an understanding of Russia’s culture, history, and current society that goes far beyond anything to be found in the headlines of today’s media
  • Shape a young persons world view forever
    • Host families are the single most important factor to shaping an international student’s understanding of the U.S. and American culture. They also play a decisive role in shaping a young person’s perception of the world at large by demonstrating that kindness, generosity and basic decency extend across borders, oceans, and languages.
  • Receive a $300 monthly stipend for hosting!

Who Can Host

The only requirements to host are that you provide a caring environment, daily meals, a comfortable bed, a place to study – and most importantly, support, conversation, and guidance as the students adapt to America.

We are currently looking for families in:

LaJunta, Colorado
Washington, District of Columbia
Savannah, Georgia
University Center, Michigan
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lorman, Mississippi
Thomasville, North Carolina
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Vermillion, South Dakota
San Antonio, Texas

Madison, Wisconsin
West Liberty, West Virginia
Laramie, Wyoming
Powell, Wyoming