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Multiple university research studies have proven the Renzulli Learning System to be effective in increasing achievement and engagement for a wide range of students.

Below are just a few of the multiple studies illustrating how the Renzulli Learning System positively impacts students and classrooms.

  • A white paper by Drs. Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis outlines the role of differentiation in promoting student growth and how the Renzulli Learning System helps students pursue their interests and leverage their talents.
  • A study from the University of Georgia demonstrated significantly higher growth in reading comprehension, oral reading fluency, and social studies achievement in students who participated in the Renzulli Learning System versus students who did not participate in the Renzulli Learning System.
  • Applying Gifted Education Pedagogy to Total Talent Development for All Students is one of Drs. Joseph Renzulli’s most cited articles.
  • From High Potential to Gifted Performance: Encouraging Academically Talented Urban Students is an article written by Dr. Sally Reis and Miriam Morales-Taylor, which discusses how academically talented students in many urban areas in our Northeastern corner of the country have limited access to gifted and talented programs due to lack of funding and attention focused on students who are achieving well below grade level.
  • The four step differentiation model offered by the Renzulli Learning System dramatically increases student engagement, which has been proven to increase students’ overall academic performance.
  • A longitudinal study from the University of Amsterdam also found that the individualization for talented and gifted student education, like the profiler offered in the Renzulli Learning System, has dramatic positive benefits with regards to student achievement.
  • The Renzulli Learning System’s online differentiation tools and resources offer students the ability to become independent, self-directed learners.  A study of talented and gifted seventh through ninth grade students demonstrated increased independence and engagement through using the Renzulli Learning System, resulting in higher achievement.
  • A study from Wichita State University illustrated how the Renzulli Learning System can assist in helping gifted but underachieving students reverse underachievement and become more engaged and active learners.
  • Utilizing a strength-based pedagogy and differentiation benefits not just talent and gifted students but entire school communities.  Dr. Joseph Renzulli outlines how not just classrooms, but entire schools and districts can see increased achievement, helping to close the achievement gap.
  • The Renzulli Learning System utilizes The Schoolwide Enrichment Model which has been studied and field-tested for over 35 years.  This model has been shown to enhance entire school communities, not just individual students or classrooms.
  • Research from the University of Connecticut found that use students using the Renzulli Learning System self-reported higher engagement and satisfaction with their learning experience in and out of the classroom.
  • The unique Personal Success Plan(PSP), found in the Renzulli Learning System, was shown in a study from Wichita State University to promote student academic achievement in both gifted and underachieving students.