High School Partnerships

Our Study in the USA – High School F-1 Visa Program allows international students freedom of choice with geographical location,  academic goals, and extracurricular activities. We offer students school options throughout the continental U.S. and tailor our program to best suit both the student and school, unlike  J-1 high school exchange programs.

LPI Learning works with the more than 12,000 SEVIS Certified Private and Public high schools nationwide in the USA. You may find a school by searching a specific location (City, State) here.

You can download the complete Certified School List here.

Public High Schools

Our public high school partners issue students’ F-1 visas and determine acceptance of international students based on their individual admissions criteria. They are able to charge tuition on the F-1 program allowing for increased flexibility with regard to curriculum and activities. Since students pay tuition, our international students are highly motivated academically to take full advantage of the full American high school experience.

Due to federal law, students are able to enroll in public high schools for only one academic year.  It is possible for students to attend one year at a public high school and then transfer to a private high school.

Private & Parochial High Schools

Our Private & Parochial Day School Program is an option for international students who wish to combine a high level of academics offered by private and parochial schools with the daily experience of living with an American host family. International students who attend the private school program may stay for one academic year and have the option to attend for multiple years. Some international students plan to stay for one academic year and later decide to extend for multiple years as a result of their experience and educational growth.

Each private school has its own admissions requirements that all prospective students are expected to complete. In addition to these requirements, LPI Learning may facilitate student interviews for prospective schools who wish to measure the student’s maturity and motivation to study abroad. LPI Learning will determine prospective students’ English level and may require students provide ELTiS or TOEFL test scores as part of the application process.

Boarding Schools

Our American boarding schools represent an elite school option for both US and international students. Boarding schools are highly competitive with selective admissions.  They offer small classes, individual attention from highly qualified faculty and staff and have outstanding facilities and programs. Usually, international students who choose boarding schools do so for their strong academics results and college prep programs. Many of these students would like to attend a US university as well.  Students attending boarding schools live on the school’s campus throughout the school year but are able to travel or return home during school vacations or holiday breaks.

Like private day schools, boarding schools have individual admissions and application requirements each applicant is expected to complete. International students opting to attend a boarding school generally plan to attend for more than one year.