Position Summary

Our Local Rep Network is a diverse, collaborative group of individuals from various professional backgrounds all across the United States. Each Local Rep is a global expert who represents LPI Learning and cultural exchange in their community while working part-time from home as an independent contractor and supplementing their income.

Reps promote the following programs: Agent Au Pair, The Cultural Exchange Project, Renzulli Learning, LPI Renzulli Creativity Programs, and LPI Study in the USA.

The Local Rep Position

Local Reps support host families and international exchange visitors during their program year together. They are responsible to ensure the well-being of the exchange visitor as trusted mentors and provide top-notch client services to their host families while upholding program rules and regulations. The Rep serves as a mentor to international students and au pairs, organizes intercultural experiences to help students integrate and actively builds global education in a local area. With multiple program offerings, LPI Learning encourages participation with multiple programs, creating a single unified field network of experienced professionals.