The Host Family Experience

Hosting an international student is a life changing experience. Host families are a fundamental part of an international student’s experience abroad and cultural exchange. Our families welcome a student into their home as another member of their family and help them learn about American culture.

LPI Learning matches families with an international student who will be attending a high school within your community. Many international students prefer an immersive experience during their time in the United States by living with an American family while attending a public or private day school. Students are typically between the ages of 14 and 18, depending on the type of school they plan to attend and their grade level.

All students arrive in the US with at least an intermediate level of English and further developing their English is a top priority for students. Families can choose to host the same student for multiple years, but this is not mandatory. Host families can opt to host more than one student at a time with a maximum of two international students per household.

Benefits of Hosting an International Student:

•    Introduce your family to new cultures and customs
•    Welcome an international student to your home, school, and community
•    Change the life of an International Student by allowing them to experience American
education and culture
•    A generous monthly stipend to compensate for the additional costs occur from hosting a student
•    24/7 local and national support from representatives to support students with school monitoring and resolution of problems or issues if necessary

Host Family Application Process

Host family applications are accepted year round. However, due to student enrollment deadlines, most placements occur during the summer, ahead of the coming school year. We recommend that potential host families submit applications as early as possible for the next academic year. We accept families for one semester placements, beginning in January, and urge families interested in this option to apply prior to November 1.

Who Can Apply

We accept host families nationwide and from all walks of life. To become a participating host family, the following criteria must be met:

•    Complete the host family application
•    Complete a host family interview in your home with the local LPI representative in your area
•    Have a separate bedroom available for a student
•    Consent to a background check for all residents in the household over the age of 18

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