How Does RLS Work?

Very simply, Renzulli Learning works because it leverages a student’s strengths and interests.

The story of Renzulli Learning begins a few decades ago with Joe Renzulli, PhD., and Sally Ries, PhD., education researchers who pioneered influential new models to describe student learning. Their research centered on how personalization and differentiation—constructed around a student’s interests, learning styles, and expression styles—inspire learning.

The Renzulli Learning System is the culmination of these years of research, and if you are a fan of student-centered, personalized, project-centered and uplifting pedagogy, read on to see how we use the Renzulli model to make learning truly personal.

A student’s first experience with Renzulli Learning is with the Renzulli Profiler, a detailed online questionnaire that allows the Renzulli software to generate a personal profile of each student’s top interests, learning styles, and expression styles, making it easier for teachers to get to know their students and effectively differentiate instruction. Once a profile is generated, students and teachers may use it to develop a student’s personalization and differentiation strategy.

Once schools subscribe to Renzulli Learning, teachers and students immediately have access to thousands of online enrichment activities.

Renzulli Learning can be accessed securely anywhere Internet access is available.  Teachers and students sign on to the system with a user ID and password.

Our experienced Professional Development (PD) team can train teachers and parents to implement RLS, create differentiated lessons, and use RLS to challenge and engage all students all the time.

Watch our Differentiation Video