LPI Learning offers innovative global education programs providing participants with a competitive advantage required to succeed in the 21st Century. They include LPI Learning’s Study in the USA and Renzulli Creativity Programs, Renzulli Learning, Agent Au Pair, AuPair.com USA and GeoVisions Global Community Service Programs.

Study in the USA

Study in the USA offers a variety of programs for students who are looking to expand their educational horizons.  LPI Learning has established partnerships with schools across the United States and Canada. Our Study in the USA High School Program is listed the Council for Standards for International Education Travel (CSIET), a non-profit organization committed to quality international education and travel standards.

Renzulli Creativity Programs

Summer and Extracurricular programs for students.  Programs are being offered in the summer at Yale University, Georgetown University and UCLA in partnership with Summer Discovery.  Renzulli Creativity Programs teach participants advanced learning skills and how to apply them in creative and investigative ways. Application is the hallmark of designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators in all walks of life; and this program is designed to promote enthusiasm, a passion for learning, and high levels of engagement in students’ selected areas of interest.

Renzulli Learning

An interactive Software As A Service (SAAS) teaching and learning tool that provides personalized learning for students. Renzulli Learning has been used by millions of students and more than 100,000 teachers in schools across the globe.

The Renzulli Learning System is based on more than 40 years of research and development, conducted at the University of Connecticut and field tested across the country in all types of schools. Renzulli Learning applies gifted and talented teaching strategies and enrichment resources to total school improvement.

Renzulli Learning enables educators to easily personalize learning  and differentiate instruction by using technology to quickly  identify  student academic strength areas, interests, learning styles and preferred modes of expression.

Au Pair

LPI Learning and our partners offer global au pair placement opportunities which enable families and their children to benefit from this wonderful cultural and educational experience.

Agent Au Pair

A US Department of State designated J-1 Visa Au Pair Program Sponsor, which has placed au pairs across America for more than 15 years.

LPI Learning is the global marketing partner of AuPair.com, the leading resource for connecting au pairs and host families across the globe.  Agent Au Pair is the exclusive US J-1 Visa Program of Au Pair.com.


Au pair abroad programs provide an inexpensive and highly rewarding international travel and education experience.  Au pairs live with a screened host family in Australia, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain.

LPI Learning affiliated au pair programs are being infused with the teaching methods of Dr. Joseph Renzulli, which will provide unparalleled learning benefits to the children op our host families and valuable career skills to participating au pairs.  Au pairs will be trained to leverage host children’s strengths, interest, learning and expression styles in learning activities that will motivate the children to learn.  Renzulli’s methods produce unparalleled learning benefits and higher academic performance.

The Renzulli Learning System is the academic delivery platform for this unique educational benefit, which is only available through LPI Learning and its au pair program partners.


Offers a wide variety of Global Community Service programs in more than 20 countries.

Paid Teach Abroad

Offers a wide variety of Paid teach abroad programs.   Summer, Fall, Spring and Academic Year programs are available in China, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Volunteer Teach Abroad

Opens up a world of opportunity to share your love for education and help build a brighter future. If you have the desire to teach English without expecting anything in return, you’re a perfect fit for a volunteer abroad.  Rendering Global Community Service to people who need to learn or improve their English is a unique experience. Programs are available in Costa Rica, France, Italy, Myanmar and Thailand.

English Language Tutor

Assist individuals who hope to acquire invaluable English Language skills.  Participating tutors develop a variety of global skills and foster understanding and cooperation among people throughout the world. Programs are available in Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, and more.

High School Programs

Offers high school aged students the opportunity to make a lasting impact in Thailand and Cuba.  Our comprehensive programs include all aspects of the program including exciting travel, rich cultural activities, housing, meals, travel insurance and invaluable global community service experience.

Study Abroad Programs for University Credit

This unique for-credit Summer study abroad in Thailand program is open to all college students.  Participants will receive 9 university credits and earn invaluable global experience as paid English Language Teachers in Thai schools.

International Language Camp Counselor

There is no better way to spend your summer than being an International Language Camp Counselor.  This Global Community Service experience will provide a lasting impact upon the campers in the summer camp you work with and will change your life.  Programs are available in Italy, South Africa and Thailand.

International Internships

Gain valuable international work experience you as a participant in a Global Internship.  Programs are available in Ireland, Malta or Thailand.  Internships are available in a wide range of career fields, including marketing, e-gaming, pharmacy, engineering, photography and film making, architecture, fashion design, dietician and nutrition, hospitality, health care, law, journalism and more.  Participants may receive university credits if the program is approved by their academic advisor and study abroad advisor.

Gap Year Programs

Gap year programs combine deep cultural immersion, fieldwork with experts and engaging readings and discussions with peers to create an incredible learning experience.