Personalized Service

The matching process is highly personalized and specific to each host family. Our experienced placement manager collaborates closely to help find the right match each time.

Once your host family application is complete, a placement manager will be assigned to you to work closely with you throughout the process. She will evaluate your specific needs and criteria while searching our database for the perfect au pair. For example, you may be seeking an experienced driver who speaks fluent German, or you may be open to the language of the au pair as long as she has experience caring for a 6 month old baby at least 40 hours per week. Or perhaps you are seeking a very sporty male au pair, or even an in-country or extension au pair who has lived in the USA for one year already. In any case, we will search through our available profiles of pre-screened au pairs and introduce you to those who best fit your criteria.

Exclusive Matching

Agent Au Pair employs a pre-screened, exclusive matching process where we pre-select our top candidates for your family based on your criteria. You have exclusive viewing of those au pair profiles for a limited amount of time in order to consider their qualifications and interview them. This means that no other families are viewing them at that time. If you like a candidate, you can “pursue” her, or if not, “release” her.  If you “release” a candidate, a new one is sent right away. The process continues until you have selected your au pair.

Most host families contact the au pair and if interested, set up a Skype call. The family and au pair will continue the “conversation” for about a week or so, then the host family will decide to “match” with the au pair, or “release” the au pair and continue the process. As you review candidates, you can always adjust your criteria along the way. Keep in mind however, that the more open the criteria, the larger the “pool” of au pairs.

The placement manager also provides tips for matching and possible inquiries for the au pair to get a better picture of her personality. She is available for feedback and assistance throughout the process.

“Pre-Matched” Au Pairs

If you have a “Pre-Matched” au pair (also known as a “Direct Placement”), we can assist you as well. “Pre-Matched” au pairs are au pairs that the host family “sourced” on their own through friends or relatives abroad. In this case, the host family does not go through the matching process, however all other procedures are the same. The host family simply provides the au pair’s contact information in the home country, and we handle the rest. Please inquire to find out more about our “Pre-Match” process.