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Renzulli Creativity Program Benefits

We will not be offering Renzulli Creativity Programs at Yale and UCLA this year. Please refer to the Yale and UCLA pages to find other summer program opportunities.

Renzulli Creativity Programs assist in the development of ‘Creative Productivity’, leading to enhanced investigative, creative and entrepreneurial characteristics that are admired and exhibited by highly successful individuals. The programs accomplish this goal by tapping into a student’s personal interests and using instructional techniques that leverage student motivation and curiosity.

Benefits of Renzulli Discovery Programs:
  • Heightened levels of creativity
  • Increased academic performance
  • Higher test scores
  • Enhanced research, creative, and entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Stronger teamwork and leadership skills
  • Broader thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Enhanced Visual, Oral, Written, & Constructed Projects, Performances, and Presentation Abilities
  • Achievement of the highest level of Creative Productivity: Students become producers of knowledge, rather than consumers of knowledge

The achievement of advanced thinking skills and a creative and investigative mindset is transferable to a broad range of competencies essential to future work and careers that place a premium on Creative Productivity.