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Renzulli Creativity Programs
Developing Gifted & Talent Potentials

The Renzulli Creativity Programs teach participants advanced learning skills and how to apply them in creative and investigative ways. Application is the hallmark of designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators in all walks of life; and this program is designed to promote enthusiasm, a passion for learning, and high levels of engagement in students’ selected areas of interest.

LPI Learning has partnered with Summer Discovery to offer our Programs for students completing grades 6, 7, and 8. Summer Discovery has operated the highest quality summer programs for over 50 years.We empower middle school students to become the world’s next generation of problem solvers and leaders by developing gifted & talented potential through innovative learning.

Renzulli Discovery students will benefit from the operational experience of the best organized summer program there is. Renzulli Discovery students will be combined with Summer Discovery students for social activities, housing, meals and weekend excursions. Participants will receive an unparalleled summer experience as they study and enjoy university life students from over 80 countries.

Program locations at Yale University and UCLA.

This program will combine students from across the globe to work together in interdisciplinary teams. Students solve real life problems related to their academic strength areas, personal interests, learning style, and preferred modes of expression. Participants also develop important executive function skills such as time management, task commitment, goal orientation, team work, self-regulation skills, and a strong work ethic.

Unlike traditional academic or gifted and talented programs, Renzulli Creativity emphasizes advanced cognitive skills and a creative and investigative mindset in addition to pursuing advanced skills in one or more subject areas. The skills acquired through the Renzulli Creativity Program enrich life-long learning and are transferable to future academic and career challenges. This increased confidence is inherent to the world’s next generation of problem solvers and leaders.

Renzulli Creativity Programs are based upon the work of Dr. Joseph  Renzulli, a leading expert in the field of gifted & talented education. The program incorporates more than 40 years of research. Our program combines educational principles that produce advanced cognitive skills, a focus on building advanced learning, and a passion for learning with high levels of engagement.

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