Renzulli Creativity Programs can be delivered to students in a highly concentrated or infusion based options.

1) Concentrated Delivery Options

Concentrated delivery programs allow students to select and focus upon their academic passion in an environment where more time and focus can be applied to a problem or area of study. These options include:

  • Summer Programs (Residential and Day)
  • After School Programs
  • Small Group Research and Investigative Projects (See Enrichment Clusters described below)
  • Weekend Programs

2) Infusion of Enrichment Activities into Advanced Curriculum

Research projects can be offered as stand-alone enrichment opportunities or infused into a standard curriculum, AP or IB curriculum, or advanced honors courses.

Curriculum infusion incorporates these projects into the lesson plan, whereby teachers help students to go beyond the standard curriculum to achieve the highest levels of learning and creativity.

3) Whole School Approaches — The Schoolwide Enrichment Model Approaches

Schools can utilize the Schoolwide Enrichment Model described above as uses the infusion based approach to make prescribed curricular content more interesting and engaging. This approach allows schools to enhance their curriculum through:

Development of a Total Talent Portfolio For Each Student

The total Talent Portfolio documents each student’s academic strength areas, interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression. It is used in all aspects of developing personalized learning plans including curricular modifications, options for enrichment cluster selection, and guidance for selecting and pursuing Type III enrichment projects.

Enrichment Clusters

All learning exists on a continuum that ranges from deductive and prescriptive learning on one end to inductive, self-selected and investigative learning on the other end.

Medium sized school might offer 15-20 enrichment clusters. The number of students in each cluster will vary based upon student interest and teacher requirements for effective participation. Teachers develop individual and small group learning situations based on their own strengths and interests, sometimes working in teams that include parents, mentors, and community members. To understand the problem and to develop a solution, students must investigate, research and use creativity and communicate with their team to formulate their proposal. This Authentic Learning is the vehicle through which students develop basic and advanced cognitive skills. Students’ research enables them to use technology to find Just-In-Time (JIT) information that is relevant to their projects, which is the same process employed by professional researchers for the creative and investigative process.

Curriculum Compacting For High Achieving Students

Curriculum Compacting is a systematic three-step process for eliminating curricular material that students have already mastered and replacing it with more challenging and highly engaging learning activities.

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) uses the infusion based approach to make prescribed curricular content more interesting and engaging and helps to stimulate the three Es: Enjoyment, Engagement and Enthusiasm for learning.

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