Teacher Training

To maintain Renzulli Creativity Programs standards and consistency, instructors must complete our certification program in cooperation with the University of Connecticut. Teacher training is conducted in English and its focus is based upon the implementation of the Enrichment Triad Model, with an aim to achieve Type 3 Enrichment.

Joseph Renzulli and his team will train teachers that instruct Renzulli Creativity Programs and an accelerated program can be accomplished in 2-3 weeks. Training can be administered either at the partner’s location or at the University of Connecticut.

It is also highly recommended that teachers that are selected as instructors for the Renzulli Creativity Program possess the following characteristics:

  • English Language Fluency
  • Advanced Subject Area Competency In One or More Content Areas
  • Relaxed personality
  • Capability of allowing less structure within the classroom to foster an environment of a creative mindset
  • Enjoys curiosity, questions from students and is OK with not having all of the answers
  • Is confident and not afraid of questioning themselves

These qualities are crucial; if the teacher is not effective in creating an environment that supports student curiosity, teamwork, experimentation and divergent thinking, the program will not produce the desired results.

In addition, the initial training program would be conducted in English, but as the program is expanded and teacher competence levels in Renzulli Creativity Program methods increase, a train-the-trainer approach could be implemented in additional languages.

The Renzulli Creativity Program team will provide ongoing training and support to our partner’s instructors.

Additional Training and Development Options

Several professional development and teacher training options are available to educators who wish to pursue certification to teach in Renzulli Creativity Programs:

  1. Confratute – annual conference and institute held each summer at the University of Connecticut that provides educators with research-based practical strategies for engagement and enrichment learning for all students, as well as meeting the needs of gifted and talented students
  2. UConn Master’s Certification program – one year completion with 2 courses per semester can take a year if teachers take 2 courses per semester
  3. UConn’s Online Master’s Degree
  4. Accelerated On-Site training through which 3 to 3 certified trainers provide a concentrated service delivery approach.
  5. Advanced Trainer of Trainers Professional Development services are available at the      University of Connecticut

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