Research has demonstrated that no single criterion can be used to identify the pool of truly creative and productive people. Individuals that excel exclusively in receiving knowledge (usually determined by grades and tests) are provided with opportunities, resources, and encouragement to also develop their analytic, creative, and innovative skills, which is the intended outcome of this brand of learning. Creative Producers consistently exhibit and master the traits detailed above in the Three Ring Conception of Giftedness, which are Intelligence, Task Commitment and Creativity.

Creative Producers combine these characteristics and it is the interaction among of these traits that is required to achieve the highest levels of Creative Productivity. Therefore, unlike programs that rely for the most part on standardized test performance as the primary admissions requirement, our program admission embraces a broader base of participants that possess the unique combination of Intelligence, Task Commitment and Creativity, which are exhibited by truly Creative Productive individuals.

Admission takes into account:
  • Test Score Criteria (85% percentile and above in one or more areas based local norms)
  • Teacher Nominations (Learning, Creativity, Motivation)
  • Alternative Pathways and Special Nominations

Renzulli Creativity Programs strive to serve a broad talent pool, as the mission is to increase the world’s reservoir of highly creative and productive individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. This will be achieved through academic programs, training and instruction of these methods to educators in order to expose Blended Knowledge and Creative Productivity methodologies to as many individuals as possible for the betterment of mankind.