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Admissions Requirements

Each College/University has its own admissions requirements and will look at each student’s academic grades, English level and motivation individually. Schools often require an interview with each applicant before considering their admission (via Skype). International students must complete their desired schools application for admission and once admitted, maintain a passing grade point average (GPA). We highly recommend each student’s level of English be tested prior to admissions through an ELTiS, SLEP or TOEFL test. ESL classes may be available in some schools, if needed.

What Are College/University Looking For In An Applicant?

  • A high school curriculum that challenges the student and may include AP or IB classes
  • Grades representing strong effort and a trend upward. Lower grades in a challenging program are better than all A’s in less challenging coursework.
  • Standardized tests (ACT, SAT) scores consistent with high school performance.
  • A well-written application essay. It should give insight into the student’s personality, goals and values. The essay should be thoughtful, personal and demonstrate carefully constructed writing.
  • A strong commitment to involvement in a few in or out of school activities. Commitment and depth are better than minimal involvement in a large number of activities
  • Leadership, initiative and personal development in extra-curricular activities. An ability and preparation to lead clubs and activities once on campus are very desirable.
  • Contribute personal characteristics to a diverse and interesting student body. Colleges and Universities seek a diverse class: geographically, culturally, ethnically, economically, and politically.
  • Intellectual curiosity as show through reading, school, leisure pursuits, and more
  •  Enthusiasm to enroll as exhibited by campus visits and an interview, showing an interest toward attending if offered admission.
  • Teachers and guidance counselors’ letters of recommendation providing evidence of integrity, unique skills, positive character traits, and an interest in learning.
  •  Any talents which will contribute to student life on campus. What will you bring to campus that others won’t be able to offer and what will you take from your college experience.
  •  After school work, community service, youth organizations, religious groups, etc.—involvement is more meaningful than casual participation.