Financial Stipend

LPI Learning Host Families are compensated monthly to offset the student’s expenses for housing, meals and transportation to school. In return, students are promised a room of their own within the household, and breakfast and dinner in the home. Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school, but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria.

The amount of the stipend is based upon the area of the country, average household income in the region and expected expenses during the student’s academic program.

LPI Learning’s Host Families are considered Independent Contractors and are paid as such. Our families are paid through direct deposit and upon acceptance complete a direct deposit form and a 1099 form. LPI does NOT consider these payments ‘non-taxable’ which would require the tracking of expenses and receipts. LPI Learning has made the decision to issue the 1099 and report it in Box 3.