Student Application Process

Those who wish to apply to an LPI Learning program must submit a Student Application which includes the following:

  1. Student information
  2. The Student’s family information
  3. The Student’s current school information
  4. A $200 non-refundable application fee

Once a student submits the application and non-refundable application fee, LPI Learning will begin working with the student and partner schools for consideration for admission. At this time, the student will also need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • School transcripts for the past three years with school seals (translated)
  • A standardized test of English proficiency*
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Health records with required immunizations
  • Copy of a valid Passport

*In addition to the LPI Learning Application, all schools require an English Language Proficiency Test, we highly recommend testing prior to admission to the program through an ELTiS, TOEFL Jr., TOEFL, or test. Most Private High Schools require their own application to be submitted along with the LPI Learning Application.

Please see our English Language Test Score Requirements.

Students should also review the F-1 visa application process at our sister site F-1Visa.Org.

Students may complete the application online
Apply Online!