Study in the USA – High School Students

The Student Experience

If you are seeking a student exchange program in the United States that is tailored to your academic goals and personal preferences, our Study in the USA – High School Program is for you. Our program provides international students placement in public school districts, private, parochial, or boarding schools across the U.S. This richly rewarding experience offers students superior academic quality, small class sizes, as well as diverse extracurricular offerings.

With our Study in the USA high school program, students work with our highly experienced advising team to determine the type of American high school that best suits their unique interests and needs. International students live with welcoming local host families for one semester to multiple years, depending on their individual educational program.

Why choose LPI Learning for your American High School Experience

  • Our network of over 300 public and private high schools nationwide
  • Professional admissions advising support throughout the application process
  • Enroll for multiple years at an American High school
  • Receive a US High School Diploma and Enhance your University Application
  • Improve your English language skills through an immersion experience
  • Learn the customs and traditions of your American Host Family and Community
  • Become a member of your Host Family and gain lifelong friends
  • Achieve higher levels of social maturity, flexibility, and independence
  • Share your culture with your Host Family, friends and school
  • Gain valuable global skills and experience