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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use LPI Learning and their admission advising team?

LPI Learning’s admission advising team specializes in helping domestic and international students to achieve their higher education and personal goals. We provide a unique perspective on universities in the United States and assist students to select institutions that are a good fit based on the students’ academic and personal goals.

What differentiates LPI Learning’s advisors from the rest?

Our advisors are have previously worked in admissions departments and know what all the latest trends are.

How do our advisors work?

Our advisors work with students to develop a college list that matches their academic background, needs and desires. They also discuss essay topics. All of our advisors are well-versed in the college and university admission process and you will feel confident and comfortable that they are guiding you through the process.

How often do you meet?

Initially it will be for an hour with further time committed as you complete the necessary steps in the admission application process. As you finalize your applications and essay’s your advisor will take the time to review them and then go over them with you before submitting them.

What questions will my advisor ask me?

What courses have you taken in High School? What have your grades been? What courses do you enjoy the best? The least? What would you like to do after you graduate from college? What are your career goals? What activities at school, after school and during the summer have you been involved in? What you’d you like your advisor to know about you beyond your application? Who will you be using to write your teacher recommendations? Why? What type of college/university are you looking for? Large, small, competitive? Where would you like it too be located?

What are our editing priorities for essays?

The primary focus is on substance, structure, and the tone of the essays. Our advisors review and edit essays. It is the tone and voice that is critical with this coming from the applicant. This is in keeping with our personal advising and in knowing our advisee’s.

How accessible is my Advisor?

Our advisors are available at your convenience. They will make sure you are keeping up on the time line necessary to meet application deadlines. Make sure you give them time to review and turnaround essays, college lists, and other work you will be submitting as part of your application.

Are your Advisors a member of NACAC?

Yes, The National Association for College Admission Counseling is an organization of independent college counselors, guidance counselors from public and private high schools, and college admissions officers. NACAC members are more likely than non-members to be up-to-date and plugged into their professional world.

Which colleges will I be accepted to?

Some of our clients have applied early and been accepted to places we recommend. Our advisors will help identify those schools that may be good for you to apply early decision or action. They will also focus on regular decision as these are also great schools too. This all depends on your academic record and background. Our advisors will help you choose schools that are within your range. If you’re a C student Stanford, Harvard and MIT should not be being considered. And if you are an A student, you should be considering them.