Become the World’s Next Generation of Problem Solvers and Leaders

This exciting program will combine students aged 13 to 15 from across the globe to work together in teams to develop solutions to Real Life Problems. This unique three-week program enhances advanced learning skills. The skills acquired through the Renzulli Creativity Program enrich life-long learning and are transferable to future academic and career challenges. This increased confidence is inherent to the world’s next generation of problem solvers and leaders. Programs will run from early June to the beginning of August depending upon location.

Program Locations for Summer 2017:

  • Yale
  • Georgetown
  • UCLA
  • Special June program at Yale for ASSET Students


  • Heightened Levels of Creativity
  • Increased Academic Performance
  • Higher Test Scores
  • Advanced Research, Teamwork, Leadership & Time-Management Skills
  • Broader Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Enhanced Visual, Oral, Written, and Constructed Projects, Performances, and Presentation Abilities
  • Students become producers of knowledge, rather than consumers of knowledge


  • Obtain advanced learning skills that will be useful in all facets of life
  • Work and become friends with peers from around the world
  • Highlight findings in competitions, journals and in University applications
  • Experience University life within a secure environment through social activities and tours, which include university visits