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LPI Learning provides international students in grades 7 through 12 with placement in private and public schools across the USA. Our richly rewarding experience offers students superior academic quality, excellent home stays, and professional local support in an affordable program.

Study in the USA is designed to provide our participants with an exceptional educational experience and to help them to achieve a competitive advantage in the university admissions process. LPI Learning has partnerships with more than 300 schools and places students on an F-1 Visa. We provide extensive admissions advising experience which helps our participants select the school that best suits their needs while experiencing American customs and traditions with their host family and community.

Program Benefits
  • Experience the benefits of an American education
  • Enhance your University Application
  • Improve your English language skills through an immersion experience
  • Achieve higher levels of social maturity and independence
  • Share your culture with your Host Family, friends and school
  • Gain valuable global skills and experience
Why Choose LPI Learning?
  • High quality partner schools which can admit students in grades 7 to 12
  • Superior Host Family placement with 24x7x365 Support Services
  • August 2017 Arrival Orientation will be held at Yale University
  • Unique development of advanced learning skills through infusion of our Renzulli Creativity Programs into our Study in the USA program
  • Scholarships for other LPI Learning educational programs, which are offered at leading universities, including Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, Penn, Johns Hopkins and Michigan, as well as international development programs in Thailand, Spain and Costa Rica

Program fees range from $13,000 USD to $60,000 USD, depending upon which school and region is selected. Program fees include school selection, admission advising, tuition, student housing and meals provided by the Host Family. Extensive US Support Services offered through LPI Learning.

Student Support

Local Support

LPI Learning provides local support for each student through our Global Education Coordinator (GEC) network. Unlike most F-1 programs, this network supports and supervises the homestay experience of each student. LPI Learning also offers 24/7 support to students, families and schools through our Corporate Office.

GECs check in with students, families and schools regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly. In addition to student support, the GEC coordinates activities with the students who are grouped in their area and organize cultural events throughout the students stay. All GECs are within a distance of 2 hours from their assigned students and LPI Learning strives to place students in groups or “clusters”.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance provided to all LPI Learning students includes: travel, medical, and accident insurance.

Additional Support

LPI Learning offers students airport meet and greets, orientation for both the student and host family, and participants can choose to join our optional ‘Welcome to the USA Orientation’.

Airport Meet and Greet
Each student is met at the airport by either their Host Family or by an LPI Learning representative to welcome students to the USA.

Student and Host Family Orientation
The GEC will provide orientation to the host family and student upon arrival which prepares them for a successful semester or academic year.

Welcome to the USA Orientation (Optional)
The Welcome to the USA Orientation is an option students can add to their program. Students arrive during the week prior to the start of their program and spend time in a major US city where they will have a program orientation on US culture, academics, LPI Learning program rules and expectations, adjusting to life in America and more. Students also have time to sight-see prior to traveling on to their Host Family.


LPI Learning is a strategic partner of Educational Initiatives (EI), a leading educational software provider.  EI solutions are utilized in thousands of schools and nearly 500,000 students.  EI is also the sponsor of the prestigious ASSET Talent search which identifies gifted and talented students in India and the UAE.