Renzulli Yale 4

During their sessions and Renzulli Creativity@Yale students are looking beyond the Yale campus toward broader issues and their impact in three ways:

  • Investigating global issues in small, interested-based groups
  • Developing innovative solutions to problems affecting the world
  • Considering their impact on the world as future practicing professionals

Here are what students are working on and thinking about so far


My goal is to find alternatives to taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease other than taking them to a nursing home or leaving them at home. I am looking forward to getting a better understanding of how people with Alzheimer’s disease are treated and why. I also want to know why the treatment is different in different countries.

Ashleigh- Video on the process of an idea



My project is the introduction of a new global currency to bridge the massive gap between the rich and the poor. I have learnt the need to improve and even out the chinks in my proposal to realise a more realistic proposal as well as to learn the negative repercussions of my proposal and my need to reduce their impact.


My goals for the project is to find a way to raise awareness to poverty and offer people in poverty an opportunity of education or business so they are able to utilize their own hard work to resist poverty.
I’m looking forwards to being able to talk to professionals etc about my ideas and hope it works.
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