It has been quite a busy week here at Yale.  Three type 1 experts engaged with the students as they continued to research their topics and finalize their presentations. Michael DiMauro from LPI Learning came and spoke about the importance of direct contact with audience members and how to call experts and students’ authentic audiences, and Craig Johnson (an animal rescuer and biologist) came and spoke about the importance of finding and following your passion (especially in times of failure). Craig also brought with him a rescued tarantula and the students had an opportunity to overcome their fears and hold Rosie (the tarantula)! A group of six students spoke with Claire LaPia, the owner of Claire‘s Corner Copia, well-known organic and sustainable restaurant in New Haven, about the benefits of eating healthy and getting advice about their project.

Students are busy finishing up their presentations. They are also building a cart, painting, drawing, and designing websites to enhance and showcase their learning this week! Everyone is excited for the symposium on Friday!