Yale Presentation Session 2

On Friday, students in the second session of Renzulli Creativity@Yale presented their presentations on solutions to problems of global concern.  The students were able to tie all of their respective topics together into three major categories, humanity, education, and health.

Through meeting and communicating with experts from around the world and in the New Haven area, students were able to identify and connect with their authentic audience and embark on the first stages of their ideas.

Topics presented included

  • A global reading festival to combat illiteracy
  • A program to reduce youth alcohol/tobacco consumption in the Ukraine
  • A business plan for a low-cost healthy food program
  • An art gallery to raise awareness and funding for anti-child labor efforts
  • A teaching tool to promote both physical fitness and academic development

After the completion of the Renzulli Creativity@Yale program, many students are looking forward to continuing their projects and making a positive difference in the world.  We can’t wait to see what they will be able to accomplish!