Renzulli Yale- session 2

Students in the second session of Renzulli Creativity@Yale are hard at work researching their topics and contacting experts ahead of their presentations at the end of the week.  The student teams are making great progress learning more about their areas of interest and developing new skills.  Here are some of their thoughts on their experience so far.


In class, we are not keeping our ideas to ourselves. We come up with ideas to make the world a better place with our classmates. For instance, our group wants to fix the issue of obesity.  I am taking advantage of the Renzulli program by learning about my friends here and knowing what is going on around the world. I’m growing by learning in different ways than I learn back home. I’m growing over the course of this program. I’m developing during these weeks of Renzulli learning from my wonderful team. We work together perfectly because we all have different abilities that help us complete the project together.


In class, we are coming up with solutions to solve world problems. Everyone is sharing their ideas and giving helpful advice about each of our projects. I am learning a lot about group work, business, leadership, and world problems. This program is helping me change the world and become a better person. Also, it’s helping me become more social with other group members. I am finding that I really enjoy advertising, marketing, business, and designing.


We are learning, not just facts but skills which helps us develop ideas. We also learned a lot more about ourselves, our passions and how we want to change the world we live in. With the freedom of expression and the open-minded environment that surround us, we are learning to take more risks, think out of the box and learn in a more creative manner.

The idea my partner and I came up with had a strong connection with each of our passions. With a passion for art, we came up with the idea to do a traveling art gallery around the US and China to raise money and awareness for child labour. The art I create would be connected to child labour and my partner could educate the audience about the issue. We also thought about ways to spread our organization on social media and also the idea to ask artists to donate artworks to sell. The artworks sold would then enable us to donate the collected money to help child labour.

As a learner, I am able to grow into a more open-minded and creative learner. With the influence of the activities and my classmates, I have started to become more of a risk-taker and I have started to learn to enjoy subjects by connecting it to my passion.

Renzulli Yale- session 2 photo 2