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February 2017

Global Education Experiences Newsletter

What you will find inside our newsletter this month – news on our au pair designation, Renzulli Discovery Programs are filling up quick, get paid to study abroad this summer, and more! 

Renzulli Learning is Back!

hh3We are delighted to announce that Renzulli Learning is back! The Renzulli Learning System (RLS) is an interactive online system that provides personalized and differentiated learning strategies for students. Renzulli Learning has been used by millions of students and more than 100,000 teaching in schools across the globe.

Renzulli Learning
Au Pair36Agent Au Pair Designation

Agent Au Pair has received designation from the US Department of State.  Learn more about our J-1 Visa au pair program.

Agent Au Pair
Education and Creativity – China vs. the USA

Read a fascinating essay comparing creativity development in the Chinese and American educational systems by Derek Levine, Ph.D.  Dr. Levine is an anaylst for Wall Street Journal and msnbc and specializes in China’s Aerospace Industry and Chinese Politics and Culture.  

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Renzulli Discovery Programs – Filling Quickly!

 hh5Yale, Georgetown, and UCLA

Hurry before it is too late! Our Renzulli Discovery Programs are filling quickly.  These enriching programs empower students to become the next generation of problem solvers and leaders.     

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Renzulli Challenge

To celebrate the Agent Au Pair designation, this month’s challenge is tailored to challenge the minds of young children.  

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Get Paid to Study Abroad!

That’s right! Study abroad this summer with GeoVisions and get paid! This 8 week summer program will take students to Bangkok where they will earn 9 college credits, while teaching English. Participants will earn a $500 teaching stipend! 

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