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In this month’s newsletter, an opportunity Take the Renzulli Profiler for Free!, Alumni Spotlight on the producers of Showtime hit Billions, Renzulli Discovery at Yale and UCLA and more!

Renzulli Challenge – Take the Renzulli Profiler for Free!

Interested in learning about your interests, learning and expression style?  The Renzulli Profiler identifies these areas and is used to personalize instruction by leveraging student motivation and strengths.  

The Renzulli Profiler is the key to how the Renzulli Learning System works and has helped millions of students to higher achievement.

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Take the Profiler For Free!


Alumni Spotlight – Showtime “Billions” Producers

Did you know Brian Koppleman and David Levien, producers of the hit Showtime series Billions met on a Summer Discovery Program?  

Learn how they met and the impact their Summer Discovery experience had on their friendship and 20+ year career as Hollywood screenwriters! 

Alumni Spotlight


Program Spotlight: Au Pair Pro


Agent Au Pair has launched Au Pair Pro.  Au Pair Pro candidates a university degree related to education, at least 2 years of professional care experience and are 20 years or older.  Au Pair Pro candidates are a great option for families with unique needs looking for specially trained au pairs. 

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Renzulli Discovery Programs at Yale and UCLA – Still Available!

Hurry before it is too late! Our Renzulli Discovery Programs are filling quickly.  These enriching programs empower students in grades 7, 8 and 9 to become the next generation of problem solvers and leaders.    

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Bridging the Achievement Gap through Summer Programs

Dominic Cipollone, principal of New Venture Community School in the Bronx, New York penned our special feature on summer learning loss and how summer vacations can have a negative impact on learning outcomes for some students.  His full essay can be found here: 

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Renzulli Learning in Italy!

Read about a forthcoming implementation of the Renzulli Learning System in Italy.  The author, Michael Cascianelli met with Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis, the founders of Renzulli Learning at an Italian conference for gifted and talented students. 

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