Introducing our first location for the Renzulli Creativity Program– University of Connecticut

Location: Storrs, Connecticut, USA

Session Dates: July 17 – August 6, 2016
Open to students who will be ages 13 – 17 by August 31, 2016

Program Fees: Residential: $ 4,495 Commuter: $3,695


Program Description:

The Renzulli Creativity Program at the University of Connecticut is a three-week intensive summer academic program for students ages 13-17. Participants from across the globe will work together in teams to develop unique solutions to Real Life Problems. The unique Creativity focus of the program leads to higher academic performance, time management, teamwork, self-confidence and global competence skills. The Renzulli Creativity Programs at UCONN are available as Residential or Commuter options.

Program Operations:

  • Students complete an individualized profile utilizing Go Quest software by Compass Learning, which indicates their areas of interest, competency for a topic and learning style
  • Students are grouped into Enrichment Clusters based upon their interests and teamed with other students that share the same passion
  • Enrichment Clusters are assigned a project focused upon solving a Real-Life-Problem and each Cluster is supervised by a teacher who shares their passion for the topic.  Real-Life-Problems share four criteria:
    • The topics must have a personal frame of reference
    • No agreed solution or answer exists to the problem
    • Analysis of the problem motivates students to find solutions
    • The problems target a real audience
  • Students collaborate with one another to research and develop a unique solution to the problem, with each participant having a significant role to play
  • Students acquire Just-In-Time (JIT) research skills to obtain and synthesize information to develop a solution to their problem
  • Students present the solution to teachers, parents and their peers

Program Highlights:

  • Develop unique solutions to Real Life Problems, which can be highlighted in competitions, journals and in university applications
  • Experience university life within a secure environment for 3 weeks
  • Increase their levels of independence and maturity
  • Enjoy working with peers from around the world via collaborative projects, social activities and excursions, which include tours of university campuses

Program Benefits:

  • Increased Academic Performance and Confidence
  • Higher Test Scores
  • Broader Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Enhanced Visual, Oral, Written, & Constructed Projects, Performances, and Presentation Abilities
  • Heightened Research, Collaborative, Teamwork, and Leadership Skills
  • Become a Producer of Knowledge, rather than Consumer of Knowledge
  • Develop Executive Function Skills such as Time Management, Task Commitment, Goal Orientation, Teamwork and a Strong Work Ethic

About the Campus:

Late in 1880, brothers Charles and Augustus Storrs donated land and money to start an agricultural school in Connecticut. More than 130 years later, the University of Connecticut has become one of the top 20 public universities in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report (2015).

UCONN now enrolls more than 30,000 students pursuing answers to critical questions in labs, lecture halls, and the community. Knowledge exploration throughout the University’s network of campuses is united by a culture of innovation. As a vibrant, progressive leader, UCONN fosters a diverse and dynamic culture that meets the challenges of a changing global society.

Located amidst the rolling hills of Storrs, Connecticut UCONN is centrally located within the state with easy access to many vibrant cities of the Northeast U.S. including New York City NY., Boston MA., Providence R.I. and New Haven CT.

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Campus Life:

Housing and Meals – Students reside in a dormitory on campus. Residence halls may consist of a suite with a common bath or doubles with a shared hall bath. Staff resides on the halls with students of the same gender and age group.  Groups eat together during mealtimes in one of the main dining halls on campus, and participate in multi-group activities throughout the week. Meals are served buffet-style in the college dining halls on campus.

Campus Activities – A variety of evening and weekend activities augment the Renzulli Creativity experience throughout the three weeks. Beyond learning team preparation, students enjoy movie and game room evenings, ice cream socials, and evening BBQ’s. On weekends, students are urged to take part in an assortment of day trips to surrounding cities, local amusements, beaches and college campus tours.

Campus Staff and Security – Renzulli Creativity Programs is supported by a full-time staff on campus. The staff structure consists of a Director, Associate Director, Office staff, Nurse and Counselors who are assigned to a group of 10-15 students depending upon the age of the group. Teachers certified in the Renzulli model of teaching offer ‘best in class’ knowledge of this unique teaching methodology in the classroom.

Student safety is the primary concern throughout the program session. At the UCONN campus students have ready access to campus security. Students are supervised by a staff member on and off campus.  In addition the program office is open seven days a week and staff are available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.