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US Developed Creativity Program Launched in China to Increase Student Innovation

Shenzhen, China – January 15, 2016 – Joseph S. Renzulli, a leading authority in the field of Gifted and Talented Education launched Renzulli Creativity Programs at a meeting of the Society For Cultivating Innovators conference in Shenzhen, China on January 15th. The Society, a division of the Chinese Ministry of Education is charged with increasing innovation and creativity among Chinese students. The event was attended by hundreds of China’s leading educators.

Though Chinese students excel in achievement tests, many of the nation’s forward thinking educators recognize that enhancements to their system are required to stimulate higher levels of innovation. China’s test score focused educational model also limits the ability of teachers to promote creativity within the classroom.

Renzulli’s philosophy is based upon more than 40 years of academic research. As opposed to an exam performance curriculum focus, he believes the highest levels of creativity and overall academic performance, are achieved by tapping into students personal interests, which allow them to leverage individualized motivation and curiosity to solve problems.

Renzulli encouraged China’s leading educators to provide students with opportunities to support creativity. “Student enjoyment, engagement and enthusiasm directed toward learning projects they are passionate about increases creativity, test scores and overall academic performance”, stated Renzulli. To achieve this goal, Renzulli Creativity Programs will be offered to partner schools in China.

Mr. Shen Hongxiang, Director of the Department of Education of Yu Hang District of Hangzhou, which will be utilizing the program stated, “The educational principles of the Renzulli Creativity will provide our students with a competitive advantage within China and globally, which will ensure our region can continue to attract top talent to support innovative companies based in our area, such as Internet giant Alibaba.”

Renzulli Creativity Programs were launched in the USA last fall and will be offered at the University of Connecticut, USA, where Renzulli has taught for more than 40 years. The University of Connecticut program is open to students aged 13-17 and will run from July 17th to August 6th.

The program enables students to increase levels of independence and maturity, while working on stimulating projects in select areas of study with peers from around the world who share the same passions and interests.

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Renzulli Creativity is a program of LPI Learning, an international education firm based in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Programs in China are organized in conjunction with Dipont Education, an educational services firm, based in Shanghai, China.