LPi Learning is happy to announce that we are launching a new F-1 High School exchange program. This program will allow international students to travel to the United States and stay with a host family while they attend a local private or public high school.

Currently, we have hundreds of host families who are ready to host now. They are willing to open their homes to an international student as early as January 2016. Our families understand that hosting a student is more than just providing them with a place to stay while they are here, it’s accepting them as part of the family and teaching the student American customs and traditions. Families are there to help the student become accustomed to their new lifestyle here, assist with their student’s further understanding of the English language and truly become their home away from home.

Our students come with the understanding that they are here to not only excel in their classes but to also further their knowledge of the English language, to open their minds to a new culture and be respectful to their host family and be open to learning from them. International students who participate with an F-1 program have the ability to stay for either a semester or advance year to year.

Aside from families and students, we have a wide educational network, which includes hundreds of private, and public schools. Each school we generate a relationship with is ready to welcome international students into their community and become part of their student body. They have had many international students attend their school year after year and always find that the experience teaches the international student as much as local students. While international students are learning a new culture, the entire student body is being exposed to a new culture as well and learns from their new classmate/friend. Even the smallest connection between the students helps bridge the international gap and opens the students’ minds to learning more about them.

Our program matches international students with highly screened host families. We offer 24-hour support from our National Office as well as support from our network of Local GEC’s (Global Education Coordinator’s) who are there to assist the National Office in emergency situations.

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To learn more about the program and how LPi Learning can help with your High School exchange experience, whether you are interested in becoming a Host Family, GEC, or if you are a potential student looking to participate, or even a school that wants to expand your student body, contact us at +1 (203) 285-6767 or at info@lpilearning.org