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As Renzulli Creativity@Yale students continue to research and develop solutions to their topics of interest, they are also critically examining their own perspectives as they discover new facts.

Here are students’ reflections on the research and idea refinement process.


Did your course of thinking change at all today?

Yes, I had originally planned just to raise awareness on heroin addiction. But as I did more research, I discovered that in a survey on heroin users, 75% had little to no education on heroin. So my plan is to now have middle and high school try and incorporate some form of teaching so people have more education on this topic.



Did your course of thinking change at all today?

Today I was talking to Andrew about my project and where I stood in it. He gave me some great input on how I needed to slim down the topic and specify my world problem. He said something that I really liked about starting a big project. He said you need to go glocal. Glocal is going local before global. He said it will be so hard to do what we want globally if we can’t even do it in our local town. I learned to start small and then shoot for the big prize.

Krish P.
What interesting facts did you learn today related to your project?
I learnt a lot of facts during my research today. I learnt facts like energy production using coal is actually very efficient. I also learnt that we have enough coal to last us for 300 years. I learnt that water is important for a lot more things than drinking. It is used to turn the turbines in the power plants and that the hydroelectric plants are very efficient(90%).
What interesting facts did I learn today related to my project? Did my course of thinking change at all today?
I did a lot of research over the course of today’s classes; having zeroed in on sexist acts due to lack of literacy in India alone, I found out about our government policies related to education, steps taken to improve women’s schooling opportunities and, since it came up in a lot of places, I read up a little more about other forms of gender inequality, why and where they happen and how much they have increased or decreased in the last few decades.
The one subject that felt like an immensely disturbing ache in the stomach every time I read about it was female infanticide – another side effect of backward Indian families not being educated. So, at the end of the day, I decided I’d narrow my project down to that!
Female infanticide in India.
Does that imply that my course of thinking changed today? It did! And for the better!
Let us see what comes out of this project now – a power point presentation? A documentary? A mono act or speech to go with it? Believe me, I can’t wait any more than you can!






Today I learned that hospitals are also alternatives to taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease other than taking them to a nursing home or leaving them at home. However, I also learned that there are no other alternatives.


Did your course of thinking change at all today?

No, well sort of. Instead of the idea at the beginning of just focussing on poverty, I decided to zoom in on the economy and why it causes this poverty and I want to find a way to dig this whole problem up as in grassroots affect instead of taking out what seems to be like the treat and is not.